Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yet Another Man I Find Strangely Attractive

Yes - you're right...this is pretty much Bret Michaels' exact opposite. But I've always had a thing for Drew Carey - my mom even has a picture of me posing with a billboard of him in his boxers (from Walt Disney World.) It was like we were in a photo together...sniff.

The best part is Drew probably wouldn't need to be quite as sanitized before I hung out with him - although I have heard that he likes the strippers. A lot. So maybe boiling would still be required...

I'm very excited he was named the new Price is Right host - even though I never watch the show and have never spent a moment of my life even thinking about who the host was before. Or really about the show at all. But I think Drew Carey is hilarious, so lots of props to the powers that be that snapped him up!

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