Monday, July 30, 2007

Worst Celeb-Reality Show Ever

As a former Corey Haim-aholic, I checked out The Two Coreys, expecting Corey Haim to be just as hot and fabulous as I remembered him. I was way off - he's a complete loser....older-looking, chubby, with dorky crazy hair and weird faux hip-hop duds. The entire episode was about how he's a big loser slob who hasn't "gotten laid" in a really long time. (His words...not mine...ew)

On the other hand, I way picked the right Corey back when I was 13 - never mind his occasional cocaine use. What's a little hardcore drugs among friends? (Completely kidding...I can barely handle alcohol!)
To be honest, Corey Feldman and his wife Susie are the two most boring, annoying people alive. The show is set up to make it look uber-successful. "Corey Feldman is a successful working actor" ... Um, what has he done lately? Are they talking about his stint on the Surreal Life where he cried all the time about how hard it was to be a child star?

And his wife Susie - oh dear god. If I heard another word about PETA, I was going to punch someone. I have nothing against vegetarians and I'm certainly a fan of animals, but I think the PETA people are nuts. Susie actually cried because they had some head PETA lady visiting and Corey H took her out to the hot tub and asked her if she wanted to get in it. So Susie starts bawling (with mascara running down her face) and she made Corey F go out and talk to him about how it was disrespecting her to hit on her guest. The PETA lady was a grown-up - she didn't have to be in the backyard with the Haimster if she didn't want to. UGH.

The only funny part was when Corey F and Susie were making out in their hot tub and Corey H comes out and hops in. That was almost priceless...but I think I'm done with this show. I'm bummed, because I LOVED Corey H. Had a whole wall dedicated to him.

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