Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Just Want to Smile All the Time, Smile All the Ti-ime

I survived my third bellydancing performance on Saturday - it was muchos funos! (I just made that up - it's not really Spanish. At least, I don't think it is - I guess it could mean something pervy or not pervy. Who knows!)

I managed to smile throughout the entire show - mainly because every time I looked in the audience, I saw someone I knew. My mom came down. Amy, Max, Evie and Amy's mom came. Scott, Misha and Scott's dad came. It was great to see so many people! (I was also full of smiles because I put lip oil on my teeth - I guess that pageant trick actually works! Maybe I should also try double-stick tape...)

I thought I did pretty OK with the performance - I messed up a little on a couple of songs - but I kept a toothy grin plastered on my face so maybe nobody but Habeeba noticed. And really, it's a bunch of women in their bras dancing around with undulating stomachs. Who's going to pay attention to whether I was a second late on a couple of my moves?
I did have a minor accident with some glitter. I bought some at Sephora and didn't realize it was pink. When I put it on, I had an oh-so-attractive iridescent pink sheen to my skin. It was lovely. And my fake hair is from when my hair was almost black - and now it's highlighted with some blonde - so I looked a little like Trailer Trash Bellydancer. (Sounds like a sitcom, doesn't it?)

There was a lot of hopping around in that show - that combined with hot, humid July Ohio weather completely kicked my butt. Not even a funnel cake could diminish my heat-induced woes. I felt disgusting after the show was over and about as energetic as a koala bear. (Have you ever seen those things? They never move!) I sadly went to bed at 9:30 after watching Premonition, which has to be Sandra Bullock's worst movie ever (after The Lake House.)

And the Rest of the Weekend!

Today, I went with Stephanie and Stephanie's brother to see The Simpsons Movie, which more than made up for Premonition's awfulness. Plus there was a new episode of Rock of Love on -- good times!

P.S. I got to meet John's new son Owen on Friday - he was muchos cute-os (again, not really Spanish - at least I think! He looked like a doll! I've got a funny story about Friday - but have to wait until I get one of the pictures. The picture will tell the whole story!

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