Monday, August 27, 2007

And That's Supposed to Be a Good Thing?

I bought this texturizing product my hair dude recommended. ("I'm just the girl who cain't say no")

In the description, the product is said to have been "inspired by textures and forms of nature, like tree sap." Since when has tree sap been a good thing to get in your hair? As a former rampant tree-climber, all I can say is that stuff is hard to get off your hands, off your clothes AND from your hair.

Then in the directions, it says "comb through and blow dry for a rubbery texture." Why would you want your hair to feel like rubber? Is that supposed to be a selling point? If someone ever told me my hair reminded them of a tire, I'd punch them.

I just used the product - it wasn't tree sappy at all and my hair doesn't feel a bit rubbery. It actually works pretty well..Sebastian just needs a new marketing person.

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