Monday, September 03, 2007

I Don't Want the Weekend to Be Over!

Can I have a do-over? I'd really like more fun stuff to do.

On Friday, I went out with my friend Stephanie and her friend Beth to a couple of local bars. Yes, I had a little too much to drink - but if you can't have too much to drink when you're out with fun people on your birthday, when CAN you have too much to drink? (I realize some people would say never - I'm not one of them!)

We went to this hilarious club called Light - oh wait, now it's Azura or something stupid like that. The clientele was very specific - very old men and women, Euro-trash, plumbers and wild-looking girls wearing slutty clothes.

The best part was the really old people. One woman had to be in her 60s or 70s - she had a gray bob, was wearing a low-cut sparkly sweater with a mini-skirt. She was kissing and grinding on these men on the dance floor. All I can say is, if I'm still going to clubs in 30 years, please give me a gun so I can end it all.

One of the other spectacles was a guy in his early 70s - he could barely move. His shirt was unbuttoned down to his navel and he kept trying to dance with all these young girls (young for him - they were in their 40s.) He was so arthritic, he could basically stayed in one spot and bobbed.

On Saturday, I packed up the kittens and went to my parents' house. Needed some major recuperating, so we did very little on my actual birthday. By little, I mean we grilled out and ate an ice cream cake my mom made. I know how to rock it!

On Sunday, my mom and I went to Milan, Ohio for the Milan Melon Festival. We got to have muskmelon ice cream and watermelon sorbet. I wonder if I could get a job where I just go to festivals all day. Festival reviewer or something like that. That would be fabulous! Sunday night, I went with the fam to a Japanese steakhouse where I knocked back a couple of sakes with my brother and enjoyed a really good meal.

And now I'm back in town...all I can say is the kittens HATE traveling. They yowled the whole way back - deep, loud, miserable cries. They did pretty well at my parents' - even with the dog. The car - not their thing! They've been passed out for the last hour, they wore themselves out so much from crying.

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Grover said...

Hiiiiey eljabo!

It's me... your favorite loveable monster, Grover.

I read your blog every day. Today I see that you do not like weekends to be over either. You and I have alot in common... although I do not bellydance and I do not have any cute adorable loveable kitties to play with.

But, I wanted to wish you an early Happy Birthday... just 361 more days!!

I love you very much and hope you have a great week with lots of interesting spelling words.

PS: Sir Mixalot says Hello!