Monday, September 10, 2007

Milking My Birthday for All it's Worth

Why celebrate your birthday once, when you can celebrate all month long? There was the family shindig on my actual birthday, the friends dealio this past Saturday and an upcoming celebration with some peeps from work the week of the 24th. Good times!

On Saturday, a bunch of us met at this place called Momo. It was a little different, but since we're all fun people, we made an entertaining night of it. This place serves bubble tea (quite possibly the nastiest substance known to mankind - I just don't think you should be able to chew tea), alcohol and a mixture of Asian food.

After hitting up the food, we booked a private VIP room for a fantabulous karaoke session -- complete with disco ball! Really you can't go wrong with a crowd of people singing The Thong Song, My Humpf (that's how it was spelled on the screen) and Sweet Caroline. Stephanie and I did a stunning rendition of Hangin' Tough - complete with the running man. And John did a number in Mandarin - no one knows what he said, but it still cracked me up.

The funniest part of karaoke was the cheesy karaoke videos that had nothing to do with the actual songs. Well, and our horrid singing. I do have a video, but I don't want to subject anyone to that! (And I don't want to ever be found on YouTube.) This place also had bowling so we got to do that as well. Really - between food, drinks, karaoke and bowling, what could go wrong? And thankfully, I was taken to no gay male S&M clubs.

I guess there's always next weekend.

I've included some pictures - I should probably ask people before I post these. If you're on here and you don't like it, let me know and I'll delete, delete, delete! But since it's mostly my friends who read this regularly, I figured they wouldn't care!

In case you're wondering what I'm doing in the picture of me - I decided to be an ass and pull my black socks all the way up to my knees like an old man. I totally got scoffed at by a high school student. I wanted to scream, "I have pairs of pants older than you" but that would be a lie...


T said...

I heard the partay was a blast- esp the weird videos & disco ball.

U are looking super fit these days! Imagine after the boot camp ordeal... you will be ready to join JenG #2 (as opposed to OUR JenG, married to the GOOD Ben) in the much hoped for Alias Movie!

PS: that px of Daphne is awesome!

Dear Lovey Heart said...

mmm bubble tea i am jealous...looks like fun!