Thursday, September 13, 2007

Short Snippets of What I've Been Pondering Lately

Do They Make False Teeth for Kittens? Or Grills?

Yesterday I was playing with Daphne and she seemed to go into convulsions. I realized she was trying to spit something out - looked down and it was a tooth!

I tried to put it under my pillow, but alas, no tooth fairy came! Do kittens have baby teeth and do they lose them or do mine just have issues?

Only MY Kittens Would Practice Self-Love

My kittens have this weird thing where they nurse each other if they're sleepy and purring a lot and super comfortable. (My family jokes that I have incestuous, lesbian kittens - I did grow up in West Virginia.) When I took them in for their shots, the vet said it was normal and since they're sisters, they probably just feel really comfortable with each other. It's kind of like kids sucking their thumbs.

Last night I was petting poor toothless Daphne and I heard a weird noise. I looked down and she was nursing HERSELF! Now that's a little weird - does it mean she's really comfortable with herself? I guess I should be glad they don't see me as an acceptable substitute...

Gay Boyfriends Are Weird

Remember how I went out with that guy a few weeks ago and I suspected he was in the closet? Well, he still randomly talks to me via instant messenger when I'm online. I'm fine with talking to him - and if he asked me out again, I'd probably go just in case I was making a snap judgment about gayness and he's just a little girly. But if we don't go out again, I'm not going to cry,

The other day he freaks out about how he doesn't know what I think of him and why haven't I said if I wanted to go out again and all this other drama. (For crying out loud, we went on ONE date. I'm the girl - shouldn't I be the one freaking out?) I said I figured he'd ask me if he wanted to go out again.

Then he asked if it was weird we hadn't talked on the phone so I said yes, but that I'd been busy and hadn't thought much of it. He called me yesterday and we talked for awhile, which was fine. He still didn't ask me out again! I can understand being shy or not good at dating or whatever, but we've already been out and I said the reason we hadn't gone out again was because he hadn't asked me. If you need more encouragement than that, I'm not the girl for you.

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shroud said...

Yes, kittens (and puppies) have baby teeth, so it's extremely likely you caught Daphne losing one of hers.

Most of the time they're swallowed or lost somewhere out of sight, but occasionally you'll find a few. I think we only found one of Pasquale's...