Friday, September 21, 2007

My First Premiere Viewing of 2007!

Once again, my mission this fall is to check out every season premiere on television. (Except the Caveman show...I just can't stomach the Caveman show.) Why, you might ask? Because apparently I have no life and I'm a complete geek about anything new. I like to new food, new movies, new music, new books - what's not to love about new TV?

Here's the catch: there are tons of great shows on the air already and I'm a busy girl, so I'm not wasting my time on crap. If it sucks right away,I delete it from my DVR right away. No giving it any chances whatsoever. That might not be fair, but it's my time, my life, I do it my way!

Premiere #1 - K-Ville

Might as well call it Krap-ville. (Hardy har har!) I made the mistake of watching this immediately after watching the season finale of House, one of the most brilliant shows on TV. (Am I the only one with a crush on Hugh Laurie?)

I couldn't get through this show at all. It was boring and depressing. I'm not a big crime drama girl anyway, so I didn't really expect to love it but I wanted to give it a shot because of the whole Hurricane Katrina connection. The thing is, I consider television an escape and something so rooted in reality is just not my thing.

So this one is no longer a contender for space on my DVR. On to the next premiere....

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