Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Never Claimed to Be Normal

Today I learned that Jazzercise class goes by a lot quicker if you pretend like you're starring in your own personal music video.

I experimented with that today, showing off my jazz hands along with some sultry facial expressions. Of course, my 'backup dancers' were perfectly in sync with me - although most were quite a bit older than me. I guess I don't have the budget for the young and ab-tastic.

Tomorrow's my at work costume party. Wish me luck with my bald cap - hopefully I can get it to blend into my skin better. Right now I look like a giant condom (thankfully not the one buried in my apartment building mulch.) I talked one of my co-workers into being K-Fed for the day. I'll be sure to post pictures! It's going to be a treat!

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