Saturday, October 06, 2007

I'm a Rock Star!

Sorry I've been so lax in posting - my schedule's out of control! On Friday, I had to give a short presentation to some extremely high-level people.

If I listed the 10 things I'd least enjoy doing, public speaking is about #2 - right after #1, which is accidentally appearing naked in public. (Since I can't fathom purposely appearing naked in public, accidentally is all my brain is scared of.)

I just feel like a moron when I talk in public. My mouth gets dry, my voice feels squeaky and I'm afraid I'm either going to throw up or pee my pants at any given moment.

I technically didn't have to present, but I decided many years ago that when given the opportunity, I should always do the things I'm most scared of doing. Except the naked thing - that will NEVER EVER happen - although I have been half naked in my belly dancing performances. In fact, belly dancing performances were one of my "fight the fear" experiences.

I absolutely detested the 5 minutes I presented, but I told myself to suck it up and pretend like I loved it. Even if I felt like I was careening off a cliff the entire time. I even managed to work the words "feng shui" and "pizazz" into my talk!

What's even better is I got compliments! (I'm definitely a whore for compliments...) One of the important peeps said I did an excellent job. And another one came up and told me I did a fabulous job and that I had "natural talent." Woo hoo for me!

The only weirdness was that one of the women told me I looked very "French" with my hair pulled back. I'm not really sure if that's a good or bad thing. What do French people look like? There are rumors of Frenchness somewhere in my family tree, but I'd think the scads of Scottish, German. Irish and English would counteract that.

I'm still not in love with public speaking - but the teeny-tiny fling was A-OK!


After three weeks of grueling one-hour 5:30 a.m. workouts, I finally managed to knock off 1.6 lbs (for a grand total of 1.2 lost) I also don't have to wear scary stomach-holding-in underwear anymore, so that's a plus. That must mean the exercise is working in a different way.

I'm curious to see how my girth changes!

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