Sunday, October 07, 2007

You're Borderline Plus Size Anyway

I love me some Tyra so America's Next Top Model is a welcome return.

The girls are at their best when they're catfighting like crazy. Two completely normal-looking girls were in an argument when one exclaims: "My body is better than yours anyway. You're borderline plus size." Borderline plus size? What the hell is that? The girl was seriously skinny. And then one of them says, "Well, you look like a Bratz doll." (According to my friend Shannon's 5-year-old daughter Reaghan, that means she's the most beautiful, fashionable girl ever and not skanky at all, which is what I always think about Bratz dolls.)

My favorite is the autistic girl from Indiana - she's gorgeous! My second favorite is the weird girl from Yale because she actually has worse social skills than the autistic girl. One of Tyra's peeps asked her what she was thinking about in her shoot and she said "A sea nymph on acid scaling rocks in the sunshine." I wanted to scream "Are you on acid chica?" What I also like about her is she has a super-long horse face like me -- we long-face girls gotta stick together!

Pilot Project Still Underway

My mission to watch every pilot on earth is going swimmingly. I don't feel like writing out big ornate reviews, so here are some quick thoughts on what I've watched the last couple of weeks:

The Good

  • Reaper - The best friend's a charmer!

  • Moonlight - Marshall from Alias, Logan from Veronica Mars -- who wouldn't want to watch this show?

The So-So

  • Private Practice - So-so storyline, some of the hottest men on TV - this one stays!
  • Aliens in America - Not great, not terrible.

The Bad

  • Life - Crime shows without an interesting twist = snooze-a-rama. And the title's so dumb!

  • Cane - Never has sugar been so dull!

  • Dirty Sexy Money - Peter Krause: Most irritating man on earth.

  • Cavemen - Is this seriously a show? 'Cause it sucks! Worst makeup EVER.

  • Carpoolers - Whoever said this was like Seinfeld lied.


ToppsNYK said...

Where is Pushing Dasies? Its a good show. I think you'd dig it!

Eljabo said...

Sadly, Pushing Daisies is still on my DVR along with quite a few other pilots (like Bionic Woman, Tina and Big Shots, Stephanie.)

My 9 p.m. bedtime is definitely putting a crimp in my TV watching time!

I still haven't finished last season's Heroes...