Tuesday, October 09, 2007

They Call Them Suicides Because...

...you want to commit suicide about halfway through!

Not really. Or as we said in junior high.... psych! (or is it sike? I'm not good with slang spellings!)

I'm feeling all 31 of my years today. Yesterday morning we did those Indian run things again - much easier, but yowza! Last night, I took a kickboxing class with the most evil ab work ever - I actually thought I was going to cry at one point. This morning we ran a buttload of suicides AND did all kinds of crazy leg exercises.

My knees, ankles, arms, shoulders and back all hurt...and I have to run a practice timed mile tomorrow. Ugh.

I may need to eventually be morphed into the Bionic Woman....(still haven't watched it, Tina!)

Oh - I did finally watch Pushing Daisies, and it was adorable. I absolutely loved it - it reminded me of Edward Scissorhands for some reason.

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