Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Giving Myself a Big Old Pat on the Back!

I did it! I ran an entire mile straight - no walking & no stopping! My time wasn't all that hot - I ran it in 11:10, which isn't that much faster than the 11:30 time from my walk-run. And, it was a little embarrassing when the guy running the camp asked me if I was with the walkers when he gave me my time.

But for me, running an entire mile straight is way more exciting than however much time it took me. I can always get faster. Before I started this boot camp, I couldn't even run for one minute without feeling like I was going to die. Now I'm running for 11 minutes!

Today I kept my pace slow and steady - I just wanted to finish. But, I think I can pick up the pace a little and still be OK so on Friday, I'm aiming for 10:30. I think shaving a minute off my time in 4 weeks would be gold star-worthy.

P.S. I realize that all this exercise talk is probably pretty darn boring, but that's what's consuming my entire life right now. After boot camp, I'm sure I'll be back to chatting about Bret Michaels' ratty hair extensions.

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t said...

sending u a cyber pat on the back :)

I'm impressed.