Saturday, October 20, 2007

My So-Called Awkward Life

Once I hit my 30s, I thought all my embarrassing moments would disappear. Sadly, if anything, they've gotten worse. Case in point, here's what I've done in just 1.5 days:

Awkward Moment #1 - Check-Writing 101

I was pretty pooped this morning - I got home some time after 3 a.m. and didn't sleep well because the kittens thought my messy hair was some kind of furry beast that should be attacked. I had kittens pouncing on my head all night long. I would've kicked them out, but that would've involved standing up.

I managed to make it to Jazzercise at 9:30 so I could sweat out my sin and then started running a buttload of errands. One was paying my car loan. I wrote my check and put it in the little cylinder thing with my loan slip, expecting a receipt to head my way in mere moments.

"Excuse me. We're going to have to give you your check back - and we'll need a new one." I'm a little perplexed by this, but she goes on to explain OVER THE LOUDSPEAKER that I wrote the amount on the line where I was supposed to put the bank name and signed my name where the written-out dollar amount was supposed to go.

Apparently, I'm an idiot (or a sleep-deprived person with no coffee.) I've been writing checks since I was 18 - and that's the first time I've done anything that stupid with them.

Awkward Moment #2 - "My Nose!"

I'm sitting in my car at a red light on my way home from errand-running. I reach over to grab something in the passenger seat and accidentally pop myself in the nose. All of a sudden it feels like my nose is running, so I instinctively wipe it. It's blood - I gave myself a bloody nose at a red light.

I'm trying to pinch it and do all the bloody nose things. Except, I have no idea what those things are because I've only had 1 or 2 bloody noses in my entire life.

I can't wait to see what else is in store for me. I'm supposed to go to a party tonight and I have rehearsal in a few hours.

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