Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Bought A New TV

After nine glorious years, my old TV died - it no longer has sound. As much fun as I enjoy subtitles, I don't want to pay that much attention to what's happening onscreen. I wonder if I can donate my TV to a deaf person. It works great - you just can't hear what's going on. Right now, it's taking up valuable living room space because I feel guilty about throwing it away.

Sadly, my new TV is the one thing I bought that everyone has an opinion on:
  • "Be sure to check out the reviews on Cnet."
  • "You want at least a 40-inch screen."
  • "Get a rear projection DLP. They're cheaper."
  • "Go back and forth between Best Buy and H.H. Gregg and haggle out a deal."

Of course, with all these opinions, I was almost frozen with fear about making the wrong decision,. I don't like having lots of choices - I can usually find something I like about all of them. I finally decided it didn't really matter what TV I picked, as long as I picked one. (Kind of like the time when I didn't want to buy store-brand tissue - and then thought to myself, "Laura, you've been blowing your nose with paper towels. Anything will be better.")

"Just Close Your Eyes and Point!"

In the end, I bought the TV on the Circuit City flyer. It was a 32-inch LCD Magnavox (a brand I've heard of.) The price was great and I could get 2 years of free financing.

With the decision made, I went to the store, pointed at it and told the salesguy I wanted it. He was a little taken aback and thought I should have some questions about it. I don't know enough about TVs to ask questions. I could ask about the XYZ tuner but let's be honest, I wouldn't understand the answer. As long as it plugs in, I'm happy.

Many thanks to Amy, Max, Evie and their van for helping me go pick up my TV, get it up to my apartment and install it. They rock!

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