Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Feel Betrayed

I just finished Eclipse, the third Stephenie Meyer book in what I thought was a trilogy. I hated it - mostly because I thought the ending was terrible and Bella (the heroine) was a fool. ("I pity the fool!" - sorry, needed a random Mr. T quote.)

It turns out the book is not a trilogy after all - it's a fiveogy. (I'm not sure what a series with 5 books is called, so I made that up. Obviously.)
I'm slightly relieved because I was embarrassed for her that the ending to her series was so terrible. But that also means I have to read two more of these books since I'm already invested in them. It's not that they're terrible - they move fast and the author's a good storyteller. Since they target teenagers, all the melodrama is more than my bitter, cynical 30-something soul can take.



nerdshoveler said...

New word of the day: Pentalogy

hillsideslide said...

ooooh, we're doing word of the day here too now? ;)

Eljabo said...

Well that's good to know - although I like fiveogy better!