Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ick - Electronic Books?

Amazon is launching 'The Kindle,' an electronic device that lets you read books on a hand-held device. It's kind of like a giant blackberry.

I think it's the most horrible invention ever.

How do you dog-ear the pages? What will happen to bookmarks? (Not that I use them since I dog-ear pages.) Can they recreate the smell of books or the fancy cover art?

Blech - makes me want to move to Siberia. (Do people still move to Siberia? Does Siberia still exist? Everything I learned about geography in elementary school is no longer true....)

Clearing Off the DVR is a Thankless Task

I'm FINALLY 99% caught up with Ugly Betty. I was always pro-Henry - I thought he was adorable. Exactly the kind of guy I would want for myself - nice and kind of nerdy with quirky glasses. Sad, but true. I'm a simple gal.

I'm now pro-Gio - the sandwich guy. There's the little 'Henry knocked up the red-headed girl who played Hiro's Texan girlfriend in Heroes' dealio. Plus, Gio brings out a feisty side to Ms. Betty that's absolutely hilarious.

You know as I type this, I realize how pitiful this sounds. It's not like these are real people.

He Was 8?

OK - I just read about when some male stars lost their virginity. Sean Connery was 8 years old! I don't even think I knew what that was when I was 8. I had an extensive My Pretty Pony collection and the knees of my jeans were always grass-stained or ripped.

Don Johnson was 12 years old. That was when I sighed over pictures of Kirk Cameron and Corey Haim in Bop magazine and was fascinated with Bonne Belle LipSmackers.

Different worlds, I guess.


nerdshoveler said...

For the last vacation I went on that required travel by plane, I wish I had a Kindle. We took so many books that the suitcase and carry-on bags were very heavy. In this situation, the Kindle would have saved a great deal of weight and space. Also, the Kindle does offer bookmarking and it even dog-ear's the bookmarked "page".

However, I'm not completely sold on the device. There is something about having a paper book in hand and the physical act of turning those paper pages that would be really hard to replicate in an electronic device.

Dear Lovey Heart said...

e books?!? what is the world coming to..

i just can't imagine curling up with a hand held device gaaah!