Sunday, December 09, 2007

Glasses + Me = Frumpy

I don't know what it is about glasses, but whenever I wear them, I feel I might as well be wearing a matching potato sack. Since I ripped my last pair of contacts, I have to wear glasses until next Tuesday when I see the eye doctor.

I swear I can feel my face getting greasy and zitty as I type. My hair is frizzing and I may have gained 50 lbs overnight. Ironically, this is about what I looked like when I last wore glasses on a permanent basis.

To give you an idea of the horror, I've posted the one picture I can find of me wearing glasses in high school. Trust me, you don't want to see the after - it wasn't an improvement!

The Golden Compass Is a Movie - Woo Hoo!

Glasses or no glasses, I still had a pretty good weekend. On Friday, Jen and I had a post-work dinner of sake and spicy tuna rolls. We also tried a sweet potato & cream cheese roll, which was one of the best things I've ever eaten. After that, we went to the late showing of The Golden Compass.

I love the book - read the entire series a few years ago. Surprisingly, I liked the movie too.The girl who played Lyra was really good and Nicole Kidman was eerily evil, although she looked botoxed to the max. To be honest, I didn't pick up any major inconsistencies with the book - although I think they cut a couple of the closing chapters. But, by doing that, they gave it a better movie ending. I can't really remember how the book ended, but I think it would have been an annoying cliffhanger - a la The Two Towers. If I'm completely wrong and the movie was way off base, let me know!

I See Dead People

Yesterday, I went with friends to see the Bodies exhibit. (Thanks for the tickets and idea, Amy and Max!) It was kind of cool - they took a bunch of dead people (supposedly Chinese political prisoners - but that could be a wicked rumor) and preserved them. I got to see an actual ovarian cyst, diseased lungs and ear bones. I also have a new nightmare - being forced to have my dead body posed holding open my torso so random people can gawk at my innards. I also would not like to have my skeletal system forced to hold hands with my muscles for all eternity.

It was cool to see what my insides look like. I kept thinking "That's what I'm working when I'm doing squats - or that's the muscle I hurt when I jumped off the stairs." Obviously some parts were creepy. For instance, penises don't get better looking when they're dead. And the brain was a little gross too.

I'm a little conflicted about the ethics of this exhibit. From an educational perspective, I think there's a benefit to seeing exactly what you're made of. From a human perspective, I think it's dreadful to be nothing more than your parts after you're gone - particularly for people who were examples of random body parts like feet and intestines. It just doesn't seem like a respectful way to treat the dead. I wonder if the guy who created the exhibit is haunted by any ghosts!


Dear Lovey Heart said...

that is funny, i feel the exact opposite, i hate how i look without my glasses probably because i have worn them since the second grade....

Eljabo said...

Ah...maybe if I had life-long glasses, I'd feel differently.

I got mine when I was in the 6th grade and will forever associate them with the greasy, zitty, frizzy, pudgy, awkwardness of my middle-school years.