Monday, December 10, 2007

And This is a Good Idea Because?

We have a new radio station in Columbus and it's all TV theme songs, all the time. If you're an interested local, flip to 106.7 FM and check it out. I did, and boy was I sorry that I made the effort.

Within 3 minutes, I heard theme songs from Magilla Gorilla, Laverne & Shirley and Family Ties. Enjoyable on their own, yes, but incredibly irritating when stuck at a traffic light. Particularly Magilla Gorilla. Now, I love the Golden Girls theme song as much as the next gal, but it's not something I need to listen to when zipping around the city.

Aren't most TV theme songs short? Like 30 seconds or so? I just don't see how there are enough TV theme songs to warrant an entire radio station dedicated to them. I imagine you'd run out in 3 days. And I can't figure out who is going to want to listen to them.

Anyone Else Find Sex and the City Depressing?

I'm on vacation this week so I checked out the very first season of Sex and the City on DVD so I could belatedly see what all the hype was all about.

After just one episode, I now feel completely doomed about ever meeting a nice guy. (Although I've recently learned that nice isn't enough. There's a whole mix that goes into play. I think what I want now is nice + chemistry. Or is it nice + banter? Because if you don't have chemistry, banter or some sort of rapport, it's a whole bunch of dull.)

But as I watched the first episode, I felt like I was on the shelf, which is ridiculous, plus vaguely depressed because I have no interest in having sex like a man. I'm going to watch episode 2 and see if it gets better. But I'm expecting that I might end up on a ledge somewhere.

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