Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ick! I'm Older Than I Think I Am

I just got through the first season of Sex and the City. Once I stopped comparing them to actual human beings, I thought it was kind of a funny show. Although I think they'd be a bad influence on younger girls who may actually believe that women act like that!

I got a shocker in the first season though when it was revealed that Charlotte was 32! That's only a year older than me. I always thought the Sex and the City girls were in their late 30s or early 40s. Not my age.

I had the same shocker when I realized the Seinfeld crew was supposed to be in their mid 30s and not their 40s like I always imagined them to be.

And The Golden Girls! They weren't in their 60s & 70s like I thought - they're supposed to be in their mid 50s - my parents' age. Let me tell you, my mom is NOTHING like a Golden Girl.

Random Cat Alert

Zoe is kneading a fuzzy yellow blanket and purring. Should I be concerned? Does she think the blanket is her momma? Daphne is looking at her like she's a freak.

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