Monday, December 17, 2007

It's For Real? Scary!

I saw this clip yesterday during my 5 million hours of E! TV-watching while waiting for Hancock County to lose its Level 3 snow emergency. (If you're not from Ohio, Level 3 means only emergency vehicles are allowed on the roads and you can be arrested if you're out driving. I finally just chanced being arrested - the roads were bad, but not that bad.)

When I saw this clip, I immediately thought it was one of those Saturday Night Live spoofs. No way could it be real. Unfortunately, it's a real commercial AND a real toy. I'm guessing it's one that will never be sold in the United States, as we are a country of prudes. (If being a prude means never having to see a doll's junk, I'll gladly claim the title!)

While looking for that clip, I found a commercial for yet another oh-so scary doll sold in Europe. This one might be worse!

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