Friday, December 28, 2007

It's a Random Kind of Day!

Today seems like one of those random assortment of news stories kind of days, so here goes:

  • Why I Can't Find a Quality Guy - Ick! Read this married man's confession of the 13 chicks he bagged last week. It makes me sick to think that someone can go to this much effort to sleep with a woman once. The doctor is right to call him a sociopath. How does he have time for 13 women and a wife? I can't even go out with two people at a time (I feel too guilty!)

  • Poor Lindsay Lohan Has a Skeevy Ex-Beau - I've got to give LiLo credit - she's really shaped up after her drunken/drugged escapades. Apparently Utah agreed with her! I guess picking up a guy in rehab is not the best way to meet men. First, her ex does a tell-all interview about their sexual experiences, claiming Lindsay is a nymphomaniac and describing her butt as "fantastic, perfect, all plump and round." (Classy!) Now he's selling intimate photos that the two of them took together. For the love of God ladies, let's stay away from cameras when we're naked. Those photos NEVER go away.

  • It's Happening - First Human to Human Bird Flu Case - My Pandemic plan is to lock myself in my home with my laptop. One of the gay guys I went out with earlier this year said his Pandemic Task Force has hung signs all over the bathrooms about the importance of washing your hands.

  • WVU Football Coach Rich Rodriguez Sued for $4 Million - To be honest, I don't give two figs (Why is that a saying? When would I ever have two figs or even one, for that matter?) about sports or WVU or Rodriguez. But, my dad and brother are in such an tizzy about Rodriguez breaking his contract with WVU to go to Michigan that I feel I must include this story in my headlines. They'll be dancing a jig today. The day the contract breaking happened, my dad spouted on and on about the situation to my mom and me. We just stared at him blankly and told him to find some dudes to tell that too. That might sound rude, but you've got to draw a line somewhere, and ours is football chat!

  • Eeek! No Sugar For Me! -- This doctor is saying that sugar makes you look fat AND old! That's reason enough for me to stop shoveling in the Hershey kisses. I swear I've eaten so many cookies and so much chocolate this past week that I need to go to de-tox. I feel puffy and gross, so maybe there's something to what this man is saying.

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