Monday, January 28, 2008

I Always Knew the Scrunchy Was a Bad Idea!

Brace yourself. If you're eating, step away from the computer, finish your food, then come back.

We've all heard about terrible substances found in Chinese products, thanks to China's loosey-goosey quality control system. Salmonella, lead, rust - every time you turn around, another product is being recalled.

I just read something that trumps all of those - in fact, I'd take salmonella over this any day of the week. Used condoms are being recycled into hair bands.

First, there's the 'Ick' factor. Do I need to elaborate on why we don't want condoms from random strangers in our hair? The other problem is the bands aren't well sterilized. They could have all kinds of germs and grody STDs - and if you put your hair band in your mouth (like I often do when I'm pulling my hair back), that introduces a whole new host of problems.

The other concern is how on earth are these things collected? I know if they were collecting from my apartment building, they would just go scrape one off the sidewalk (or dig it out of the mulch - that's where it was the last time I saw it.) What do they do in China? Do they have big buckets and you just toss yours in? Do people get special used condom bins, much like the green recycling bins we get in the States? Do they have a slogan? "A Rubber A Day Keeps Hair From Going Astray"

I am seriously disturbed by this.

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