Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What is Wrong With the Primaries?

One of the things I've always loved about the Democratic Party is that our politicians, for the most part, seem to be good, caring people. There's not as much of the lying, cheating, holier-than-thou attitude that runs rampant among Republicans.

That is, until preparations began for the 2008 election. I'm an Obama girl, so I'll admit a little bias in that direction. However, I've always liked and respected Hillary Clinton. I even think Bill Clinton was a phenomenal president - although I'd make him wrap his entire body in disinfectant-sprayed plastic wrap before I'd let him within 5 feet of me. Now I feel like they'll do absolutely anything to win this election and I'm having trouble digesting that.

I don't know if I can vote for someone who plays dirty politics, and then who am I left with? I certainly can't vote for McCain after he said he'd hang himself if the Democrats took control of Congress. I can't vote for Romney because I don't agree with his stands on the issues. I can't vote for Huckabee because he's crazy.

What has me in a tizzy is this drama that Obama insulted Hillary at the State of the Union address because he turned to talk to someone behind him when Ted Kennedy shook Hillary's hand. I'm sorry, but I saw the picture and it's ridiculous that someone watching from far away could even pretend to knows what was happening. Look at the picture - it looks crazy-crowded. A bit of a crush, as they say in romance novels. I can't imagine that he would purposely snub her at such a high-profile event. It's asinine. And look at it from this angle....completely different!

I'm also annoyed that Hillary all of a sudden is making a big deal about Michigan and Florida. She wasn't concerned about them when she thought she was going to sweep the country. Yet, she's crowing victory about a state where she was the only person on the ballot (and tons of people voted for nobody) and a state where no one else campaigned. Hillary has an advantage going into this thing because she has the strongest name recognition. Of course she's going to do well if no one else is campaigning.

Ugh. Politics stress me out.

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