Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Don’t Mess With Me - I'm Wearing Leopard Pajamas

If I were Starbucks, I would start a business where I home delivered cups of coffee to desperate people who got very little sleep the night before. Last Sunday, I would have paid $50 just to not have to go out and get coffee myself.

It all started Saturday night - I was with a few friends celebrating Herbie’s 48th birthday. (I just like typing Herbie!) We were eating dinner, then meeting at a friend’s house for homemade cheesecake then going bowling. In the middle of dinner, I got paged and the birthday boy got a cell phone call. Three of us end up sitting in a car for a 90 minute conference call.

Now Is Not a Good Time

I worked for most of the weekend - took a quick break Sunday morning for a Starbucks run -- didn’t even bother getting dressed. I just threw a coat over my leopard pajamas and ran out the door – fuzzy slippers and all. All I needed was curlers in my hair and a cigarette dangling from my mouth to complete this hot mama look.

When I get to my Mecca (otherwise known as the Starbucks drive-up window), the guy asks me if I brew a lot of coffee at home.

It’s 7:55 on a Sunday morning. I’m wearing pajamas, crooked glasses and my hair is sticking up all over the place. If I brewed coffee at home, wouldn’t I be there? Obviously I say "no."

Then he says ‘we’re having a special promotion.”

I say “no” – more firmly, and give him "the look." (Some of you have seen the look - although my look doesn't compare to Amy's look! Tee hee!)

He stops talking. I was THAT scary.

Other than work, I had a pretty fun weekend - at least, Saturday morning and Sunday night were fun. Friday night was fun too.

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amymvt said...

I have a look? really?

I think Evie is trying to get it down but she hasn't managed to yet