Thursday, February 07, 2008

"We're Going to Put You in a Trance with a Funky Song"

In honor of New Kids on the Block's rumored upcoming reunion, here's one of my favorite videos. They were such thugs!

If the reunion does happen, say good-bye to this blog because my friend Shannon and I are going to follow them around like the Grateful Dead. So what if she's's the New Kids!

Sadly, Shannon and I saw Jordan Knight and Danny Wood on their solo tours several years ago. (I realize I shouldn't admit that out loud.) Danny Wood smelled our necks and told us we were 'lovely smelling ladies.' In the 8th grade, when I suspected that Danny Wood and I were going to get married someday, I never imagined he would one day call me a 'lovely smelling lady.' Thank you Gap White body spray, which sadly isn't made anymore.

Jordan was kind of a doofus - he didn't opt for taking pictures with the common folk, much to our great sadness. We had even put on extra perfume - and lip gloss. Plus, I almost got in a fight at that concert with some girl because I accidentally threw beer at her. I swear it was an accident! If I had wanted to have a girl-fight with someone it would've been the crying girl who brought roses and poems to the concert. I could've taken her!

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