Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Food Hangovers Suck

I went to the doctor yesterday for a regular check-up and she complained she had nothing to nag me about. Had she hung out with me last night, she would have been more disapproving. I went with a bunch of peeps for a Fat Tuesday celebration and took the fat part literally. Here's what I ate and drank:

  • Hurricane - A fruit punch-like drink with alcohol.
  • Alligator Gumbo - Yes, with real alligator (tastes like greasy chicken in case you're interested.) To be honest, I never need to eat alligator again. Blech.
  • One Fried Oyster - I've never eaten an oyster before - and never need to eat one again
  • Fried Catfish with Jalapeno Tartar Sauce - They took their frying very seriously - we're talking extra crispy! It was tasty at the time, but now I regret it.
  • Hot Fudge Cake with Ice Cream from Bob Evans - After all that random New Orleans food, I decided I needed some plain old Midwestern chocolate cake so I popped by Bob Evans.

Now I feel absolutely disgusting. It's like a hangover only it's from eating fried, greasy food and rich chocolate cake. Today is going to be a fruit and soup day!

Blast From the Past

At this Mardi Gras shindig, I ran into Marianne, one of my college roommates from my freshman year. Her husband is a trombone player with the band that was booked for the evening.

It was hilarious to see her. She was a musical theatre major in college and used to do these hilarious backflips off the garbage can.

Every once in awhile we'd randomly dress up like 80s ladies. I've posted a picture from one of our dress-up days. Thank goodness I discovered tweezers. And Weight Watchers. You know, I'm always a little surprised when I see old pictures. I forget I looked like that!

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