Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Times with The Cat-Folk

Right now, Zoe is underneath my chair rolling around a pencil. She's satisfied with the lead-filled goodness. (Oh wait, pencils aren't lead anymore -- graphite-filled goodness.) Daphne requires fancier items. Must be the extra toes.

I have a bowl full of cat toys sitting on the floor. I've been buying them extra toys lately to make up for my hellish schedule. Hmm...methinks my future children will be insanely spoiled. Neglected and spoiled - kind of a poor man's version of Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl.

Daphne is digging through the bowl to find the exact toy she wants. Picking toys up, tossing them out of the bowl. She finally selected a white fuzzy mouse with a reindeer head tail.

What made her pick that one? Why didn't she choose the stuffed stocking or long fuzzy squeaking green thing or the tiny catnip square? It's just so funny to watch - she knows what she wants and goes after it.

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