Sunday, July 06, 2008

I'm a Hot Sweaty Mess

It's about a bajillion degrees here in Columbus and my hair feels like a fuzzy ball of brown cotton candy. (Hotness!) I've had a crazy-busy holiday weekend. I went to a cookout, fireworks, miniature golfing, the Cheesecake Factory, out for margaritas and tacos, a friend's house for Uno-playing, movie-watching at my place, walking in Sharon Woods, Knight's Ice Cream and in a couple of hours I'm headed to Caribou to see Shannon, Zach, Hannah, Reaghan and new baby Jude.

I also did some cooking. I made lemon-garlic chicken thighs, teriyaki asparagus and asparagus with toasted almonds and garlic.

Since I'm too lazy to write much more, I'll be content with making a list of my new favorite things.

  • Website -- Supercook -- This is now my most favorite website on earth. It's the sole reason I did so much cooking this weekend. You enter all the food you have in your house. The search engine looks on recipe websites and tells you what you can make with your on-hand items. (Or what to buy to make something more exciting.) I'm thrilled with the idea of not wasting food!
  • Movie -- Lars & the Real Girl -- I thought it was weird for the first five minutes. Now, it's one of the best movies I've ever seen.
  • TV Show -- The Secret Life of the American Teenager -- It's on ABC Family. I watched the first episode and thought it was great. And Molly Ringwald as the mom? Fantabulous!
  • Reality Show -- The Mole -- I'm convinced Craig is the mole. We shall see.

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