Monday, August 25, 2008

"It's Like Therapy!"

I had a very Obama-themed weekend, as I feel most of my weekends will be for the next two months. What I like most about Obama is that he's willing to consider other opinions and willing to admit when he's wrong. He cemented it with his choice of Biden as VP - this is someone who won't be afraid to tell him if he's being a dumb ass.

Anyway, on Saturday, I had Obama training from 11 to 6. It was amazing. I'm on my neighborhood team -so the training was for all the neighborhood teams. 900 people from all over Ohio were there and the energy in the room was amazing. The Governor came and fired us up. People were crying, having spontaneous standing ovations and sharing why they're so involved in the campaign. We had people who were just back from Iraq or whose family members were being deployed. We had people who just had relatives die because they didn't have health care. I left there feeling completely amazed that I was part of something so positive and uplifting.

On Sunday afternoon, I knocked on 30 doors and talked to a slew of people. I went door to door with a really sweet lady and her daughter. They were saying that volunteering was like therapy because you feel like you accomplished something afterward. I completely agree!

A lot of people ares still undecided and I'm OK with that. McCain's been around for 20-something years - if people are undecided about him that's good for us! I talked to an 83-year-old woman who was undecided. She said she didn't like McCain but she didn't know why and it worried her. (She also thought I was a college student, which gave me a moment of flattery!) I also recruited a volunteer in the grocery store - go me! Last night, I made more phone calls asking people to volunteer and I got a handful -so woo hoo!

The Rest of My Weekend - Cocktails and Booty-Shaking

On Saturday night, I went with my friends Vicki and Jen for dinner at Cafe Istanbul. We shared a bunch of appetizers and I had a horrible mixed drink - grape something and anise (a black licorice flavor). Every time I sipped it, I made a face so my friends were making fun of me.

We had free tickets to Shadowbox so and saw the 'Best of' show. It was so funny - I loved all the sketches - even the dance number (which is rare.)

Afterward, Vicki and I decided we wanted to shake our booties. We went to Taboo, formerly known as Light in the Marcus Crosswoods area. There were tons of cars there so we thought it would be great. It was TERRIBLE. There was a $10 cover. They were playing this dreadful salsa/house music. We ended up fighting our way across the dance floor. 

Obviously we weren't into the electronic salsa, so we headed to the patio. More house music and some of the worst dancers I've ever seen! Some of the girls had on dresses that were so short when they bent over, I could see EVERYTHING. Yikes!

Since we spent $10, we felt we had to stay until it closed. We sat in the corner, sipping our vodka and cranberry juices and cracking on everyone in the place. Fun, but I never, ever need to go back!

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