Monday, August 18, 2008

McCain is a Big Fat Liar

On Sunday, I volunteered for Barack Obama's campaign, going door-to-door to find out how people plan to vote in the upcoming election. My partner was this amazing guy in his 70s who runs triathlons. He's either a cancer survivor or currently has cancer; I'm not sure which. He's actually a life-long Republican, but likes Obama so much he's volunteering for him. His wife was wonderful too - she gave me a glass of sun tea with fresh mint and a key lime!

My fellow volunteer said he actually has met both candidates. Obama was lovely - asked my partner his name. When the he told Obama he read Obama's book and really enjoyed it, he said Obama's eyes lit up and they talked about that for a few minutes. Obama spent quite a few minutes talking with this guy, even though there was a line of people waiting for his attention.

On the other hand, my partner didn't have quite the same experience with McCain. He flew out to Washington to meet with McCain to lobby for more funding for cancer research. He had a personal introduction from one of Ohio's Republican senators and McCain was still a jerk. He wouldn't even let my canvassing partner get a word in, just talked about Ohio State football the whole time. And he voted against more funding for cancer research. Who does that? McCain benefited from that very same research he voted against and the average American with cancer is not married to a beer heiress so really needs more options.

Lies, Lies & More Lies - Barack Obama is NOT a Taxaholic

There are some ads on TV right now that claim Barack Obama will raise taxes for the average American, which is an absolute lie. If you make over $250,000, your payroll taxes will increase. If you make less than that, you'll actually be paying fewer taxes than if John McCain were elected president. And quite frankly, if you're making over $250,000, you can afford to cough up a couple thousand more bucks to help people who aren't as lucky as you. It's not going to put you on the edge of financial ruin.

Here's a video that explains Obama's tax plan. It's only 30 seconds long and it really helped me better understand the plan. I was actually a little swayed by McCain's ad and I'm an Obama supporter, so I want to do all I can to get the real facts out there!

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