Thursday, August 14, 2008

We've Got a Sneezer!

Last weekend, I took my two cats to the vet for their first adult vet visit so they could have an annual exam, rabies shot and a vaccine that's squirted in their noses. They really loved that. On the way to the vet, they yowled the entire drive -- including the famed 'Bea Arthur' yowl (so dubbed for its gravely tone.)

At one point, Zoe tried to leap from the floor to the vet counter, which was about waist-high for me. She missed and slid down the wall. It was very Bugs Bunnyesque.

To top things off, sneezing is an especially delightful side effect of the nasal drops. Both of my cats are sneezing and snorting and snuffling pretty much non-stop.

I fell asleep to a chorus of feline sniffles. Daphne was on one side of me, Zoe on the other and they alternated sneezes all night long. I'm a pretty light sleeper, which made it extra-fun. I feel really bad for them though - they look pretty miserable.

When my alarm went off at 5:25 a.m. so I could go running, I wanted to cry. But I decided having fat thighs would make me cry more, so I went.

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