Sunday, September 07, 2008

First Premiere of 2008!

Woo hoo - my favorite time of year is here! That's right, it's the battle for permanent residence on my DVR - fall TV premiere season! Once again, I'll check out all the new premieres and report back on which shows are keepers and which ones suck.

#1 - 90210 on the CW
Verdict: It's a keeper...for now!

OK, I admit it...I'm old enough to remember when the original version was cool. I actually thought Beverly Hills 90210 was stupid but pretended otherwise because all my friends loved it. Really, growing up in Wheeling was about as far away from Beverly Hills as a girl could get.

I thought a lot about that as I watched the premiere. In my high school, we had no young attractive teachers or cute boys. It was all flannel, mullets, chewing tobacco and pick-up trucks. No wonder I didn't go to prom.

I thought the first episode was loads of fun. It's extremely silly, but a complete guilty pleasure. I'm impressed they finally have some diversity - they have one black person in the cast. Between the over-the-top, not-so-sweet 16 parties, secret adopted children, drug addicts and naughty bloggers - what's not to love? And apparently, kids get coffee money nowadays. I wouldn't have touched coffee with a 10-foot-pole when I was in high school.

The only depressing part is I'm now checking out the dads not the students. Ugh ...I'm old.

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