Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beware the Heated Helium Balls

Yesterday, I spent the entire day sneezing. No - it's not germs. I blame the giant, heated helium-filled balls.

"Huh?" you may be thinking.

On a rec from my friend Kelly, I checked out this Migun massage place in Westerville. It's great - you watch a 10-minute video, then get a FREE 35-minute full body massage on one of their special massaging beds. You lie peacefully in a dark room while heated, helium-filled balls rotate underneath you to give a deep massage focusing on key acupressure points. (Whatever those are - I just thought it was relaxing!)

Obviously, it's not as great as getting a massage from a human, but you don't have to get naked!

If you like the free session, you can buy 10 for $10. Considering the fact that my life is going to suck for the next two weeks, I figured I could use some massages!

Here's Where the Sneezing Comes In!

For my second visit, the employee showed me two hand-held devices that would enhance my experience. (No - not THOSE types of devices...perv!) She explained if I rested one on the bridge of my nose, it would fix congestion, sinus problems and allergies.

I wasn't congested at the time, but I do have allergies, so I thought I'd try it. Big mistake! Afterward, my head felt weird and my nose ran for the rest of the day. (Hotness!) I've been sneezing ever since - and went through almost an entire box of tissues.

I love the regular massages - but no more sinus "cures" for me!

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