Saturday, October 18, 2008


Tonight, I had a hot date with a boy and a corn maze. (This is a new boy - a very nice guy who came to one of my Barack phone banks. He even has a Barack Obama ring tone!)

We were going to go to the Haunted Hoochie, but he previewed it online and vetoed it on my behalf. Since I told him I had to sleep with my lights on after just seeing commercials for scary movies, he figured the demon giving birth exhibit might have been too much for me!

Outta My Way!

Instead, I dragged him into the boondocks for a haunted corn maze. I'm not really very good with haunted things. They scare the bejeezus out of me. We went through with a dad and two pre-teen boys. I made them go first because that's how wussy I am. I was doing pretty well through most of it. At one point a little skeleton crawled toward us from a graveyard. He made me nervous until he took his mask off so he could see us better- he was about 7 years old.

A group of 5 teenagers eventually caught up to us. One of the girls kept talking about how she had peed her pants - literally. (Attractive!) We were right smack in the middle - 3 people in front and 5 people behind. Suddenly, a man with a chainsaw jumped out of the corn and started chasing us. The teenagers shoved us out of the way and ran in front of us. I ended up falling sideways into the corn - and didn't particularly want to be near the chainsaw guy.

We made our way to a haunted school bus. The teenagers wanted all of us to go first. One pleaded, "We're girls!" To which I said, we fought for the right to go first - although I doubt they cared. We didn't go in front of them though since they'd just plow us over again. They would have too - we got chased again by some man carrying a big spear. It was pretty hilarious!

Afterward, we went through the regular corn maze. I kept expecting someone to jump out at me, but no one did. Then we had hot chocolate and s'mores and called it a night!

It's a pretty cool set-up though - they had a play area for kids, a petting zoo and pumpkins. Click here to see!

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