Monday, October 13, 2008

I Sometimes Wish I Lived on My Own Planet!

Today, I returned a lipstick to the Lancome counter at the Polaris Macy's. This past summer, I sat with their "makeup artist" and was talked into buying blush and lipstick, plus I got a free gift. (Little did I know, their "makeup artist" was from another Columbus area store, so it wasn't the big special thing they made it out to be.)

I never wore the lipstick because one of the freebies in my gift was almost the exact same shade. Free lipstick vs. $22 lipstick - which would you keep?

When I returned it, the cashier wanted me to exchange it or buy something else. I said no, I just wanted to return it. She looked at my receipt and said, "Oh - I see you got a free gift out of us."

I was so offended. I wasn't trying to scam a gift. The receipt had another more expensive item that I obviously kept (it's hard to find good blush shades). Of course, I pointed that fact out to her but she wasn't very interested. You can bet I'm not going to go back there again - makeup artist or no makeup artist.

People Coming to My Door

Last night, an African-American man carrying a clipboard and wearing a green 'OSU Votes' shirt stopped by my door. Since I've been making a second career out of knocking on people's doors, I thought I'd answer. Plus, I had my friend Jen on the phone with me, so I felt perfectly safe.

He started rambling on about some political organization he was helping and how I needed to "come with them" to Washington (I think not physically) and help out. I said I'm already spending all of my free time on Barack Obama's campaign and I couldn't possibly get involved with another organization. He said he just needed me to sign my name to some piece of paper.

Well, no way in hell was I going to sign some piece of paper some random dude brought to my door. I'm no dummy! I told him to give me the website and I'd check it out and see if I wanted to participate. He said he couldn't give me the website unless I signed up so I told him no. Then he said that a white guy would be coming around today and maybe I'd be happier talking to him. I was so offended. I opened the door to this guy AND said I was volunteering for Barack Obama's campaign. Obviously, I'm no racist. Ugh.

Of course, my mom was appalled that I opened the door. She just sent me an email with all these pictures of Ted Bundy with a dire warning about how someday I was going to let a random rapist into my apartment. Good times.


Eljabomo said...

You mentioned that the person looked harmless. I sent you a picture of Ted Bundy to remind you that you can't trust people because they" look" harmless. I don't think it is wise for a single girl to open the door for strangers. I didn't say you were going to let a rapist into your apartment. I said I was concerned about you and wanted you to be more careful.

eljabomo said...

You had a poll on this site to vote for Ranger vs Joe Morelli from the world of Stephanie Plum . I think you should do a poll to see if people think it is wise for a woman home alone to open the door for random strangers.Anybody can carry around a clipboard ......