Friday, October 10, 2008

People Are Dispicable

The McCain-Palin hate machine is in full swing. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so if you can't win on your policies, attack, attack, attack. George Bush did it against John McCain in 2000, when he said John McCain had an illegitimate black daughter. In 2004, George Bush did it again, when he made war hero John Kerry look like a coward.

The Leader Sets The Tone

You'd think we would have more important things to talk about in 2008, but McCain and Palin are busy whipping their crowds into a frenzy of fear, hate, racism and isolationism. Their supporters are chanting "terrorist,""traitor," "bomb obama," "obama osama," "off with his head," and "kill him."

These people are talking about a United States Senator who is the front runner to be President of the United States. His grandfather was a World War II veteran. He was raised by a single mother. He worked his way to Harvard Law School where he was president of the Harvard Law Review, graduated at the top of his class and chose to skip a six figure income to work with the poor in his Chicago neighborhood. He is a husband of a beautiful wife and a father to two beautiful little girls. There is nothing that he has done to deserve such hatred and disgusting, vile remarks.

As a country, we should be ashamed of ourselves. Sarah Palin and John McCain should be doubly ashamed of themselves for instigating this nonsense.

And although, John McCain is finally saying enough is enough, earlier today his spokeswoman said Obama was attacking McCain's supporters. She said it was shameful for Obama to be unhappy about people calling him a terrorist, traitor and screaming that he should be bombed.

The Choice is Clear

We have a clear choice this November.

We can choose to have four more year of divisive policies, red states and blue states, economic turmoil, never ending war and erratic leadership. We can let our country be taken over by our most judgmental, narrow-minded citizens. We can spend the next four years in fear, hatred and close-mindedness.

Or, we can choose four year of optimism and hope,a collaborative spirit, a belief that America can be better than we are right now, and a belief that by investing in our middle class, we are investing in our country's well-being.

Let me just say that at Barack Obama & Joe Biden rallies, no one ever shouts vile remarks or questions anybody's patriotism or calls presidential candidates terrorists. Barack and Joe often compliment John and Sarah. The people attending the rallies chant "Yes We Can."

What country do you want to be part of?

It's your choice.

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