Friday, October 10, 2008

I'd Rather Die Young

My friend John e-mailed me an article about a 105-year-old woman living in Great Britain. The secret to her longevity? No sex. Yep, she's a 105-year-old virgin! (So, teenage girls, next time a boy tries to pressure you into sex by saying he'll die if he doesn't get some, send him this article!)

I guess maybe it's something to admire. She's had a rich, fulfilling life and didn't cave to pressure of any kind. It probably wasn't easy being a single woman back then.

Still, I think I'd be grabbing some young 93-year-old buck from down the hall and taking the hospital bed for a spin. Surely the nurses wouldn't mind giving them a few minutes of privacy.

I just think you should take in as many new experiences as possible in the short time you have. Sure, you'll make mistakes and have regrets, but that's part of life too. You get the good, bad, horrible, incredible - you can't have one without the opposite.

Hmm...maybe I WILL get a tattoo.

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Anonymous said...

dude, she so totally has not had marriage proposals. scary