Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Finally a Look I Can Strive For!

Apparently, Japanese women have a new style trend - pretty, pretty princess - a la Marie Antoinette!  Click here to read the article.  My favorite person quoted was the one whose parents send her and her husband food so she has more money to spend on clothes.  Mom, I'd like some vegetable soup please!

When I went to Japan in April, Japanese women wore the skinniest pants and highest heels I've ever seen.  Plus, they could throw together any combination of fabrics colors imaginable and and it looked perfect.  Everything looks perfect on teeny women.  If I dressed like that, I'd look like a homeless hobo.

However, Marie Antoinette, I could do.  Who wouldn't want to wear a giant curly wig?  I'd never have to fix my hair.  I could just switch wigs around.  

Tiara?  Check!  I could live with a tiara.  I like sparkle.

Big flouncy dresses and ribboned shoes?  If Suri Cruise can do it, so can I.

So come on...bring the princess look over here.  Or if you can't do that, bring back grunge.  I could do flannel again.

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