Monday, December 08, 2008

I Hate Sprint - Part Three

I hate Sprint - I have never experienced such crappy customer service in my life.  My phone broke for the third time (Samsung is on my no-no list too) - this is the second time my charging port broke.  Obviously, the phone has issues, but no one at Sprint seems to care that they're selling crappy phones.  Here's what went down.

1)  Easton Sprint Store visit #1 - I stopped in on my lunch hour - no one spoke to me or acknowledged me.  I waited for 15 minutes watching them help people who came in after me.  Only then did I realize that there was a welcome desk (staffed by a lady who did not welcome me.)  I stormed out and slammed that door.  (That'll teach 'em!)

2) Easton Sprint Store visit #2 - I went back to the Sprint store on Saturday.  To help me, the employee needed my PIN, which I don't remember setting up, or the name of my first elementary school.  I got both of those wrong, so they had to use my ID.  I waited 30 minutes for the repair dude to tell me my phone was physically damaged and they couldn't fix it.  I could either pay $99 to have them replace it in the store or $50 to have my insurance replace it.  I chose the insurance.  

When I left, the guy's like "You may get a call asking you to complete a survey about our service.  I hope you'll give us 5's, which is the best."  OK - what's with asking me to give you service scores you don't deserve?  Ugh - it's like when waiters ask you if you need change.  Don't assume you're getting a tip, buddy!

3)  Insurance call#1 - When I called the insurance company, they asked for my PIN, which I didn't know.  Then they asked for the name of my elementary school.  I gave her my first two elementary schools and neither were right.  There was no workaround or other way for her help me so she transferred me to Sprint.  

4)  Sprint call #1 - The Sprint lady answered the phone and asked me for my PIN, which I AGAIN didn't know.  (Wouldn't it have been nice if the guy at the Sprint store had helped me change my PIN to something I recognized since I apparently need it for everything on earth.)  She asked me for the name of my first elementary school.  I named and spelled all four of my elementary schools.  (This is why I never choose this option as a challenge question.)

I am so annoyed at this point, I ask what the charge would be for me to cancel my contract since it's up in February.  $200.  Again, I hate Sprint.  

The Sprint lady tells me she can text message me my PIN.  Sounds great in theory, but since my phone doesn't turn on, it'll be hard to get the text message.  Then she says she can e-mail it to me, but she can't tell me what e-mail address it will be sent to.  At one point she said they would send it by text message and if it didn't go through, they would send it by e-mail.  When I said that was stupid because the text would go through but I wouldn't be able to see it, she said she didn't say that.   Then she said she hoped I didn't have my account set up to get a letter - but there was no way to see if that was the case.   I said to go ahead and send the e-mail and hoped it was one I still used.

No e-mail came through so I logged on to Sprint's website.

5) Sprint's Website - I was able to find my PIN (couldn't one of the phone people told me my PIN was on the website?) AND the answers to my challenge question.  They only asked me one of the 10 Challenge questions.  Of the 10, I had only answered one.  For some reason, they listed that same answer for every single question.  So no matter what the question was, the answer was the name of my first employer.


6)  Insurance Call #2 - I was able to get my replacement phone ordered.  $50 - woo hoo.

My contract expires in February.  As soon as it does, I'm running to Verizon or T-Mobile for a way cooler phone and (hopefully) better service.

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