Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Hate Sprint Some More

I finally got my replacement phone, dutifully charged it, loaded all my contacts and went online to activate it, per the instructions.  This was at 4 p.m.  At 8 p.m., it still wasn't working.

I called Sprint Customer Service on the replacement phone, again, per the instructions.  The guy who answered said, "Are you calling on the phone you want to activate?" and I said "Yes."   "Ooh - that's not good.  I can't activate it if you're on it."  

"That's OK - I activated it online," I said.  "Ooh - that's not good.  It doesn't work if you activate it online," the guy said.  "Well, why did the instructions list that as the number one option?" I asked.  "I don't know," he said.

"Well, I don't have a land line that I can use (I was in my car) and I need to use my phone.  What are my options?"  I asked.  "Well, you can go to a Sprint store and activate it."  "That's not going to work,"  I said.  "So  what you're telling me is I'm pretty much screwed until I can get to a regular phone?"  "Pretty much," he said.

And that conversation sums up my entire experience with Sprint.  I was also disappointed to learn that my contract does not expire until APRIL, unlike the February date the guy in the Sprint store told me.  Give him 5's my ass - he'll be lucky to get a .5 from me.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Great story telling, made me laugh out loud, sadly because I think I've had that experience in several other retail stores! Here's my recommendation: I've been w/ Verizon since they were Airtouch, never had an issue - love them! Plus, if you sign up w/ them, we can call & text each other for free!!!

Eljabo said...

Verizon is on my list! Although I'm very tempted by T-Mobile's Google phone. It looks REALLY cool!