Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can You Tell I'm Dieting?

I thought I'd pass on some random food items I've tried.  Apparently dieting - excuse me, way of lifing - makes me hungry:  

  • Great Brunch Place:  On Sunday, Simon and I met the Treboni family at the Sage American Bistro for brunch.  It was really yummy.  The restaurant is tiny and cute with a great atmosphere.  Prices are reasonable although maybe a hair pricier than your standard brunch place.  It was definitely worth it.  I ordered the Fried Eggs & Cornbread and it was delicious.  I was very tempted by the Creme Brulee French Toast, but decided my thighs wouldn't appreciate it.  The restaurant also offers cute little pitchers of mimosas.  (Not that we had one, but they were cute!)
  • Yummy Pudding:  Over the weekend, I bought Kozy Shack's Green Tea & Chai pudding. Normally, I hate all things green tea (tastes like grass), but this was delicious.  And it's only 100 calories!

  • Delicious Dinner:  Last night, I made pork chops.  I brushed them with olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder and broiled them for 3 minutes.  I took them out of the oven, brushed honey teriyaki marinade on both sides, turned the pork chops over, topped with a pineapple slice and broiled for 5 more minutes.

    It was so easy and so delicious.  Unfortunately, my broiler is decrepit and causes smoke to fill my entire apartment.  My smoke detector went off for 10 minutes.  We finally took the battery out.  Twenty minutes later we put the battery back in and the smoke detector was STILL going off. Yikes!  

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