Monday, February 02, 2009

Facebook Has Jumped the Shark

I have 106 "friends."

Most of these are people I haven't talked to since I graduated from high school almost 15 years ago (good gravy, I'm old...but it's funny, I don't FEEL that much older.)   At the beginning, it was awesome to run into old friends and acquaintances.  I used to be obsessed with finding people.  But now, all kinds of weird people are online.  

For instance, a girl I talked to twice in high school just asked me to be her friend.  And a guy who HATED me in junior high (he softened up in high school, but still wasn't a big fan) just asked me to be his friend.  It's not that I care, I just don't understand why.  Most of them don't even send me any sort of personal messages.  They just want to have more friends. I'm sure they love reading all my status updates about my love for New Kids on the Block.

If Dana Gilmore ever adds me as his friend, my life is surely over.  He was so mean to me in college.

New Kids Alert

Speaking of New Kids, they're coming to Columbus and I'm going to the concert with four of my girlfriends.  We have seats in the 106 section (on the side) which are INFINITELY better than the last row seats we had in Detroit. I can't wait.

Good Food Alert

I made this Cajun chicken with dirty rice recipe from Fitness magazine.  It was yummy, healthy and EASY.   Simon said it was one I should remember (so boy-friendly) - and he should know, because he was victim to several that SHOULDN'T be remembered.

I also made chili, but since I just threw a bunch of random red stuff in a pot, I can't really keep it on my 'to be made' list.  For instance, I didn't have tomato paste, so I added ketchup.  I didn't have merlot so I added spaghetti sauce.  Crazy, I know, but it turned out great!

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