Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Me = Liz Lemon?

My boss told me AGAIN that I remind her of Liz Lemon (Tina Fey's character on 30 Rock.)  This is not based on appearance - who wouldn't want to resemble Tina Fey, the intellectual's pin-up girl?  (Although if that means I'd look like Sarah Palin, I wouldn't be a fan.)

No, I remind my boss of Liz Lemon because like Liz Lemon I'm a loser.  Case in point, last week our team had a Chipotle lunch to celebrate some big project we had accomplished.  We ordered 14 lunches.  13 arrived.  Guess who didn't get hers. Yep, me.  I had to go down and get something from my cafeteria's pasta bar.  Peas and penne don't go together.

Then on Friday night, I was supposed to meet some girlfriends to eat Mexican and watch He's Just Not That Into You.  (Hate even the idea of the book because it makes women feel like something is still wrong with them when the real reason is the guy is a putz and should go to Tool Academy.)  Instead, I got trapped at work and we missed the movie.  Lame.

My Battlestar Obsession

On Saturday, Simon and I went to Ben and Jen's with Tina and Liz and Matt for a fantastic Battlestar Galactica marathon.  We now know who the final Cylon is - and might I add, I'm not impressed, although it was WAS shocking.  I want to get an iPhone now so I can download the Cylon Detector app.  I bet I'd get great use out of that.  

I've been using Battlestar cursewords at work, further proof of my dorkiness.  I was on a call with two other people and they told me something I didn't want to hear so I'm exclaimed "Mother Frakker."  The people on the call thought I was sanitizing (kind of like when my mom says 'Fudgesicles.'  No I was just showing off my inner dork.  The IT guy who sits behind me was chuckling because I outed myself as his brethren.  

The Rest of the Weekend

On Saturday night, work called and they wanted me to do MORE work.  I pushed it off until Sunday morning.  I got up at 6 am and worked.  Later Sunday night, they called and wanted me to do MORE work, so I did some more.  Blech.  

Last night I was supposed to go to the gym after work and I got stuck at work AGAIN and missed the gym.  And apparently, I also missed seeing Simon get put through the ringer during his fitness assessment.  He called afterward all miserable because they made him do squats and lunges and all this medicine ball stuff. Poor guy!

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