Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Eyeballs Get an A+

Yesterday, I went to the eye doctor.  Does anyone else feel like they're taking a test they haven't studied for?  All that "Which one is clearer crap?"  I'm petrified I'm going to give a wrong answer and end up with Mr. Magoo glasses or something.  It's like the Choose Your Own Adventure books.  One wrong answer and you're in a pit with snakes.  Game over.

Plus, are they really showing us different images?  I swear they show us the same one and ask which is clearer just to mess with our heads.

The good news is they didn't have to dilate my eyes, making me look like a zombie for the rest of the day.  They just took a picture of it.  It was kind of interesting, except one of my crazy eyelashes got in the way.  It was the eyelash that goes down when all the others go up (kind of like me in eyelash form.)

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