Friday, February 13, 2009

'You Should See a Doctor"

Yesterday, I went to work wearing my tall sassy boots.  As I rushed to get to back to my desk after running errands at lunch,  my ankle turned the wrong way and I fell down right inside the main atrium. 

This was at lunchtime when EVERYONE is in the atrium.  In fact, I fell right in front of two stuffy banker types.  At least they asked me if I was OK instead of pointing their fingers and laughing like some of the boys in high school would have done.

I got up, dusted myself off and continued rushing back to my desk.  All of I sudden, I heard "Ma'am?  Ma'am?" being yelled clear across the atrium from the security desk.  "Did you just fall down?" the security guard screamed.  I nodded sheepishly.  "Are you OK?" she bellowed.  I nodded and continued rushing up the stairs.  You've got to laugh!

Maybe this is the executive presence I'm supposed to be lacking.  I can't imagine my bosses falling down.  However, I can't imagine me NOT falling down so I guess I'm going to have to be an executive who falls down or none at all.  

I fall and trip a lot, actually.  I told my department's admin this and she said, "Have you ever seen a doctor?"  What for?  It's my own fault.  I don't look where I'm going and end up tripping over things.  It's not because of some brain disorder.  Heck, I dropped a blender on my own head.  Can you get any klutzier?

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