Tuesday, March 10, 2009

War Games

Role Models comes out on DVD today.  It was quite possibly one of the funniest movies I've ever seen in my life.  One of the characters in the movie likes to dress up in medieval costumes and fight fake battles with a bunch of his friends in the park.  (Like a human Dungeons & Dragons sort of thing.)  Hysterical, right? 

I thought it was just something they thought up for the movie until we went to Highbanks Metro Park on Sunday.  There were 10 adults dressed up in costume fighting with swords.  Someone looked like a wizard casting spells.  Highbanks!  I guess at least they were getting exercise.

Although I shouldn't be too shocked that people do that. All the theater majors at Otterbein used to fight with swords all the time outside the Fine Arts building - with horrific British accents.   I never batted an eye at that.  Plus, my friends and I used to dress up in costumes to watch Alias finales/premieres.    That was completely 100% normal, not the slightest bit unusual and way fun!

To all the people who think Ohio is nothing but cows and cornfields, we have fake wizards staging fake fights with wooden swords in our very own metro parks. 

And we also have Arnold (the Gov), who was recently in town for his annual Arnold Classic.  He is BFF with Columbus.  In fact, my co-worker saw him shopping at Easton (he owns a stake) and he was at the Gap.  Arnold shops at the Gap!  Who knew?

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