Friday, March 13, 2009

Ladies Who Work Out

Last night, I was changing in the gym locker room when two menopausal women came in.  One had hair that was a pinkish, orangey shade.   Apparently, she had just had it colored.

They immediately started bashing a woman they know:  "Oh, her husband finally left her.  It's about time - she didn't cook or clean or anything."  They went on this rampage for about five more minutes, saying horrible things about the demise of this poor woman's marriage.

All of a sudden one of them says, "Well...I don't really cook or clean or go grocery shopping or do anything except get my hair done."  And the other one says, "Yeah...I don't either.  I get my hair done and go on vacation."

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm thinking karma may soon come into play! 

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