Tuesday, April 07, 2009

We've Got The Right Stuff

Friday night was the ultimate girl's night out.  The New Kids on the Block were at Nationwide, so of course we had to go see them.  We had it all planned out.  Kelly's Tony would drive us to dinner (Baja Sol - home of the slowest waitress and bartender on earth and a pretty nifty salsa bar.  Our dinner arrived before our drinks - crazy!)  Steph's friend Liz had to meet us at dinner so she drove us to the concert.  Simon picked us up after the concert was over.

I think Kelly and Vicki were a little surprised by the NKOTB fan-craziness. There were homemade t-shirts, 80's apparel and New Kids memorabilia galore.  The gals in the audience started screaming the second the lights went down (in some cases before) and didn't stop until the concert was over two hours later.  It was a blast!  

We sang and danced the whole time.  The Kids grabbed their crotches, shook their butts, danced and kind of sang.  Danny stood on his head.  

My favorite part was when the camera zoomed 
 in on Donnie's crotch and he grabbed it slowly.  It was gross, cheesy and hilarious all at the same time. 
Their songs are so dirty now.  In the old
days,  New Kids songs were about "I'll Be Loving You Forever" and "Please Don't Go Girl" and "Baby I Believe In You."  Now they've got songs with lyrics like "I'm going to give you some grown man" and "Pose for me, pose for me" and "I'll be your boyfriend tonight."  They've gone from holding hands to begging for groupie booty.

The After Party

After the concert was over, we headed to the Sugar bar, where Donnie was rumored to make an appearance.  There was a huge line outside the door so Kelly and Vicki started looking for a better way in.  Apparently, you can just walk up to the front of the line and the dude will let you in.  Kelly and Vicki rock - Steph and I would've waited in line all night, being the rule followers we are!  

Sugar sucked.  They kept flashing the word 'sexy' in glowing letters above the DJ.  The DJ played loud techno remixes of songs - but only snippets.  There were a bunch of haggy bitchy girls waiting for the chance to be Donnie's next piece of tour ass.  I got stuck next to a complete snatch (to borrow Steph's favorite word.)  She thought we were in mosh pit.  She was about 4'"and kept jumping up and down.  She hit my arm, splashing my vodka and cranberry juice onto Steph, who was (as you can imagine) thrilled.  She also bounced into me so much, I was ready to pour my drink on her head.  I actually had to restrain myself.  

Sugar also had these nasty women in sequined tasseled bikins walking around.  Here's the 
thing - there were two dudes in the entire club, and they were the djs.  Maybe there was no need for the bikini dancers.  To be honest, I think they were just there to make us feel bad about ourselves and give Donnie some hoochie mamas to take back to his hotel.  Now that he's a divorcee, he can enjoy the groupies.  

The Encounter

We waited and waited until we couldn't stand it anymore.  We found out Donnie was going to breeze in and out so we left.  It wasn't worth being there anymore. As we were leaving, we were foced to stop outside of the entrance.  Yep, Donnie was coming in.   He ws surrounded by bodyguards and was about my height.  Oooh la la!  (In the picture to the right, you might be able to see his hat if you look carefully!)

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