Tuesday, May 05, 2009

No Feces For You!

The number of raccoon roundworm cases increased by two over the weekend, which means there have now been 32 documented cases in humans.  The two new victims were a teenager and an unrelated baby.  

Here is what the health department is advising:  
Parents should supervise children to keep them from eating raccoon feces. Droppings should be picked up using gloves and disposable bags and put in the trash.
No crap, sherlock.   Maybe the advice should be for children to wash their hands more frequently in case they've touched something contaminated with raccoon poo.

I highly doubt that the teenager and baby were popping raccoon poo like candy.  In fact, I can't think of anything (except possibly a few family dogs) that would put something like that in their mouth.  

And the whole bagging of raccoon feces thing...how on earth would anyone know the difference between raccoon poo and any other type?   "Well, I distinguished it from the squirrel kind from its distinguished markings...." 

Let me tell you, I, for one, will not be getting too close!

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